Absolute Performance Management providing different and innovative solutions

Why Absolute Performance Management? Because we firmly believe that management must be active in order to most closely meet the essential objective of any investor, that is, over-performing in any type of market configuration and protecting capital during correction or crash phases.

How are you different - what is your methodology to achieve this? 

  • Seven Capital has developed management processes based on momentum for its entire range, so as to serve this "Absolute Performance" approach. Formerly reserved for “initiated" investors, such absolute performance management is now accessible through funds regulated under European law, management mandates, dedicated funds and certificates. 
  • Furthermore, the Seven Capital management process is totally systematic, which guarantees rigor, serenity and reproducibility, unlike so-called discretionary processes.
  • Consequently, the Seven Capital management process enables investors to fully know in advance the risks they are exposed to in terms of volatility, maximum loss (max draw-down) and duration of recovery.

These three elements give Seven Capital products their differentiation and complementarity.

What are your instruments for management?

As we have a high concern for the liquidity of our products, we are only involved in ultra-liquid vehicles:

  • Ultra-liquid futures in rates and equity
  • Large-cap single stocks with high daily transaction volume .
  • French Treasury Bonds for liquidity.

Your range brings innovative solutionsin portfolio compartments

Our range meets the needs of investors for their different portfolio compartments :

  • Core Portfolio: Active Flexible Diversified Fund with "Absolute Performance" approach.
  • Stocks: Large capitalization equity European funds in Euro
  • Absolute Performance" Management
  • Market Neutral Equity Management
  • Directional Long/Short Management

Your historical record demonstrates the relevance of your approach:

The outperformance capacity and the solidity of our investment process have been tested in our various funds since 2007 with two major markets shocks (2008/2009 – 2011/2012). In both cases all the aims of our management methodology have been reached  that is, over-performing in any type of market configuration and protecting capital during correction or crash phases. Controlling losses is a powerful long-term performance generator. It is therefore more important not to lose or to lose little than to seek performance at any cost.

Seven Capital Management is registered with:

  • The French Financial Markets Authority (AMF)
  • The Financial Sector Supervisory Commission in Luxembourg (CSSF)

Seven Capital Management is a member of:

  • The National Futures Association (NFA) (USA).



Johann Schwimann
Partner - CEO

He founded the management company Seven Capital in 2006 and has been at the helm since its launch. In 1996, he created Rivoli Fund Management, one of the first alternative management companies in France, which he co-directed for ten years. Prior to this, Johann occupied a range of positions within the field of bond trading in Paris and London with SG Warburg and Daiwa Europe.

Renaud LABBÉ
Partner - CEO

Graduated from the ESCP Europe (1986) , Renaud started his career as Interest Rates trader at CCF. From 1988 to 1995, at SG Warburg, he was in charge of the trading desk for the French Mid-Term Government Bonds. From 1995 to 2000, he was in charge of the trading desk for the Italian Government Bonds at BNP - Milano. In 2000 he took over the 10Yrs Government Bonds trading desk at BNP London. In 2003, he moved to Credit Agricole Paris to head the trading activities on Goverment Bonds. In 2008 he joined Seven Capital Management as Partner & CIO. In 2014, he bought a wealth advisory firm and sold his shares in the company in 2018.

Bruno Syrmen
Consultant (CIO Alternatif - R&D - IT)

After starting his career as a computer engineer for the French Navy in 1986, Bruno moved to Bank Indosuez in 1989, where he ended up head of the European Interest Rates Options desk. From 1998 Bruno worked in the Commodities derivatives world for Credit Agricole in Paris and then Barclays Capital where he was the London based Global head of Oil Options from 2000 to 2005. In 2006, Bruno set up a London based Commodities Hedge Fund , Tellurian Capital, where he run a couple of Commodities funds: A standard long/short fund & A long only enhanced fund. He sold his stake in Tellurian in the summer of 2016 before relocating to Paris where he acted as a financial advisor.

Sébastien Bauchart
Partner (CIO Gestion Actions)

Sebastien Bauchart started his career in 2003 at Rivoli Fund Management, where he worked during 3 years as a CTA trader & operations analyst. In 2006 he joined FB Futures, a proprietary trading firm member of NYSE Euronext exchange, where he worked during 4 years as an Index Arb Trader. In 2010 he was hired by BDL Capital Management, a Long/Short equity fund manager, to head the equity trading desk and to help the CIO and the co-fund manager to monitor the portfolio. In 2011 he  joined, Seven Capital Management and in 2012 became a co-fund manager of Seven Capital Management's global range of funds. Sebastien is now a Partner and the Equity CIO of Seven Capital Management.

Thibault Clément
(PartnerHead Middle/Back Office)

Graduated with a mathematical license and a Master's degree in Finance, Thibault joined the Banque d’Escompte in 2010 as head of reception / transmission of orders on behalf of the online broker activity. In 2011, he joined Seven Capital Management as assistant manager. At Seven Capital Management, Thibault is now Partner and COO in charge of Middle / Back Office

« Figures quoted relate to past years and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. »