The term “ZOMBIE” has been put back on the front pages recently, mainly because of the last Jim Jarmush’s movie: “The Dead don’t die” which was presented during the opening ceremony of the last Cannes film festival. In this hilarious comedy Jarmush revisits the so called “Zombies movies” of the 60’s and 70’s. A funny and intelligent homage to the old masters like G. Romero (See picture below). A few months before, the BIS released a report that the public probably never heard about:


In this very interesting article, the co-authors ask three essential questions: 1/ Is the worldwide increase in the number of zombie firms episodic? 2/ What are the causes of the rise of zombie firms? 3/ What are the economic consequences of the rise of zombie firms? This, mainly, academic report triggered a lot of debate and a flurry of private research firms detailed articles. What we propose to do here is to offer you a synthetic view of this issue.

The seriousness of this issue having been emphasized very recently, by the near-bankruptcies of Rallye in France, Bristish Steel in the UK and the collapse of the Tesla share price in the US, all three events taking place during the last 10 days of May…

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