Seven Macro Systematic Index

Seven Macro Systematic Index : Performances

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Seven Macro Systematic Index : Fund Information & Statistics

NAV Margin to Equity Fund AUM (M$/M€)
Year to date Maximum Draw Down Strategy AUM (M$/M€)
Month to date Current Draw Down
Annualized volatility Net sharpe Ratio
Annualized return Best day
Winning date Worst day
Win / Loss ration

Seven Macro Systematic Index : General characteristics

Legal Format Tracker Certificate Management Fees 0,80 %
ISIN XS2308813240 Performance Fees 10% maximum above Eonia capitalized High water mark-
Custodian Natixis Minimum subcription € 1000
Bloomberg Ticker NXSREVAV Index Valuing Agent Natixis
Allocation of Result Capitalization Subscription Fees 0%
Currency Euro Redemption Fees 0%
Decimalisation Millième Last closing price Last net asset value in December
Subscription/Redemption Transmission of orders to your financial intermediary before 12 noon Valorization daily

Seven Macro Systematic Index : Net Monthly Returns

January February March April May June July August September October November December YTD

L’investisseur peut perdre tout ou partie du montant de capital investi, les OPC n’étant pas garantis en capital. Les performances passées ne préjugent pas des performances futures.